I Snuck in the CrossFit Games as a Nerd



Make sure you stay for Dave Castro’s answer at the end!!! *mouth breathing*
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Hello, World Wide Web. This is Athena Spagshausen. I’ve been meek and unassertive for too long and I do believe I’ve found the solution. CrossFit. I snuck into the 2018 CrossFit Regional Games in Del Mar Fairgrounds, California. I disguised myself as a workout bro and interviewed the competitors to get their secrets.

Clearly I did a great job with my disguise because I was even able to get a one-on-one with the director of the CrossFit Games Dave Castro.

I gathered some very important information about exercises, WOD, AMRAP, RFT, Olympic lifting, power lifting, snatch, clean and how to be cool. Also, how to be the Fittest on Earth. And possibly Mars.

Brent Fikowski won for the guys and Emily Abbott won for the girls though I think there might have been some drama. And also I’m just now finding out that there are more athletes I need to steal knowledge from. Patrick Vellner, Tia Claire-Toomey, Mat Fraser, Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir, Kara Saunders, Noah Olsen, Cassidy Lance Mcwherter, Annie Thorsdottir, Cole Sager… crap there are lots more.

I’m considering going to the earth-wide CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin from Aug 1-5. If you want to see me interview the world’s finest athletes, let me know in the comments!


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