Mailman – Crazy fun CrossFit warmup games for your box



Mailman – a 4-5 minute crazy fun CrossFit warmup that involves the following equipment
1. Humans
2. Wall balls

You want to pick one wall ball per person but have different weights. That way their is strategy with it. Each team had a 30,24,20,14, & 10 pound wall ball. The “mailboxes” were broken into exact equal intervals using cones in the middle.

Each person had to either deliver the mail or pickup the mail once. Whenever an athlete received a ball they had to go into an air squat holding it. My high level athletes held the ball with no support without letting their elbows touch their knees, others ….. did not. 😅

When the mailman had the last ball to deliver they would just tag someone that had not done it yet and switch places while they both kept their balls.

We chose to power walk after our first try ended up with an athlete slipping on the ground….. it’s been raining outside so the box is very damp inside….. always modify based on weather and humidity.

We have a “special” athlete that is partly crazy and so much fun…. he makes these videos so entertaining… we will just call him “Josh, the bearded wonder” for now. 😂

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