On the ROad – The 60 Minute Sam Briggs AMRAP!



Welcome back to the Vlog!

Today we finish off our crazy journey across the world with our last day in Iceland and none other than Sam Briggs herself. Sam, having just come off a massive weekend of fitness, decides it’s time to put me through the gauntlet. This quickly turns into some of the craziest 60 minutes of the entire trip…

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This On The ROad series wouldn’t be possible without support from: @bubsnaturals @NoBullProject and @FiitAid

Produced by:
Nate Edwardson

Graphics by: @briancantore

You X You, Divergent, Teenage Lullaby, Genesis, Your Gain, Future Yellow, For the Record, Strending Kids, Rapture, Khand, Visions
Ooy, Swif, Crushy
Epidemic Sound


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