On the ROad – The Dottir WOD



On day two of the Reykjavik CrossFit championship – Annie Thorisdottir and Katrin Davidsdottir – two of the most iconic female athletes in the sport of fitness faced off in a brand new workout named Dottir.

The words in this video explain the significance: “Dottir” is the Icelandic word for daughter, but through the years, the word Dottir has taken on a bigger meaning…

Dottir: A woman who trusts her own instincts.

Dottir: A woman who follows her heart, who faces her challenges and overcomes them.

Dottir: A woman who does what is needed to survive in hard conditions.

Dottir: A woman who interprets, “you can’t,” As, “I dare you to.”

This episode is close to my heart. Katrin and I have just finished our book by the same name: Dottir. Watching this event go down in Iceland brought me to tears, as the crowd erupted and I saw just how connected all of Iceland’s daughters feel.

This On The ROad series wouldn’t be possible without support from: @bubsnaturals @NoBullProject and @FiitAid

Produced by:
Nate Edwardson

Graphics by: @briancantore

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