Are shorter men funnier? Why do girls only want to date tall guys? And who do the short guys go out with?

Through personal interviews, conversation with teenage boys, meeting with experts and considerable humor and self exposure, Edan Alterman sets out to examine how height affects men who are shorter than others. The film follows two short- statured boys who still dream of getting tall, and short- statured adults who have learned to live with a world that at times teases them but generally just blocks their view. Short is a personal, moving and entertaining documentary that will add a couple of inches to the ego of short people.

“Short is just the film I was missing as a teenager. As the shortest kid in the class, I felt lonely and an outside. I could only have wished that someone would made a documentary about shorter than average people (5 foot 5, in my case) and answer the thousands of questions that tormented and frustrated me, but perhaps also made me who I am…” (Alterman)

About the director…

Edan Alterman is an actor and a comedian who has appeared in films, television and theater. His play Children Knit has enjoyed over 1000 productions. Alterman directed the comedy series Horns and the short film Promises must be Kept.

Short is Atlerman’s documentary directorial debut.
Produced by: Arik Bernstein

Directed by: Edan Alterman

Runtime: 52 Min.

Screeptwriting by: Yair Raveh & Edan Alterman

Cinematography by: Itai Neeman

Edited by: Halil Efrat

Music by: Yaniv Fridel and Eldad Guett


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