Fixing These 6 Abs Mistakes REALLY Changed My Training – Common Gym Errors



6 common abs workout mistakes & how to fix them!

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The 6 exercises we’re looking at today are:

1. The Plank
Common mistake: Lower back bent over and glutes pointing up.
How to fix it: lower back straight and glutes pressed down.

2. Lying leg lifts
Common mistake: Too much space between lower back and the floor.
How to fix it: Press down your lower back to the floor and you will have better contact in your abs. Work with slow reps and dont swing your legs up and down.

3. The cable crunch
Common mistake: Having no balance in the exercise. Not actually crunching, but just pulling the weights.
How to fix: Make sure you do a real crunch movement (see video for an example). Have controled breathing, blow out the air when going down.

4. In and out crunch on a bench
Common mistake: Chin and head pointed down. Just doing it for the reps.
How to fix it: Raise up chin and head, look up and control the breathing. Slow and controled reps.

5. V-ups
Common mistake: A lot of space between lower back and floor. “Swinging” up the exercise, no tension in the abs.
How to fix it: Push down the lower back to the floor, slow and controled movements.

6. Weighted abs side bent

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