Weight Loss SLEEP MEDITATION ~ Creating Healthy Habits with Meditation



Lose Weight while you SLEEP ~ Listen Every Night

Welcome to Dauchsy’s Manifest series. This meditation will reprogram your mind to help you lose weight, all while you go to sleep. Your subconscious mind is most comfortable and open to suggestion when you are unconscious in a sleeping state. You may be asleep, but your subconscious is busy at work. By speaking with the subconscious mind as you sleep, you will be creating positive habits and routines that will make it effortless to reach your ideal weight. Because reaching a healthy weight and lifestyle is not about always staying motivated and willing yourself to lose weight, it’s about retraining your mind by creating positive eating habits and learning the techniques to control your hunger stimulus. You may be skeptical if you can really lose weight just by listening to this audio, and I can only tell you from my personal experience, but since using these techniques myself, I have gone from 210 lbs to 170 lbs. Losing 40 lbs feeling as if the process was effortless.

I am healthy
I love myself and my body
My body is a temple
I am drinking more water throughout
Water makes me healthy and helps me lose weight
I am losing weight now
I am reaching my ideal weight
I learn the best ways to stay healthy and fit
I understand how to lose weight in a healthy manner
I have reached my ideal weight
I love looking at myself in the mirror
I love myself completely
I make healthy choices with the food I eat
I am confident that I am losing weight now
I am full and satisfied
I only eat until I am satisfied, not stuffed
I am in control of my emotions
I am happy and healthy
I lose weight by eating slowly
I feel fuller now because I eat slowly
I reduce sugar from my diet
I remove sweets from my diet
I surround myself with healthy foods
I make good choices when it comes to eating
I lose weight in a healthy steady way
I find that I have more energy
I have renewed energy that helps me lose weight even easier
I no longer eat because I am nervous or depressed
I create positive eating habits
I find joy in eating healthy
Eating is something that gives me energy and nothing else
I only place small portions of food on my plate
I no longer feel the need to eat everything on my plate
I have the power to let go of hunger
I allow the feelings of hunger to pass
I am in control of my eating habits
I am in control of my weight
I am so happy that I have achieved my ideal weight

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