Before starting, the World Cup in China was news for the dubious honor of accumulating about a hundred player resignations. Embedded between unbeatable seasons and with the perspective of the next Olympic summer, many of them, the championship seemed an inhospitable adventure. On the ground, reality is confirming their fears, for Calvary and recognition of those present. In just 20 days in the country of 1.4 billion inhabitants, the Spanish team will accumulate 24,000 kilometers traveled, six transfers, four changes of venue, more than 40 hours of flight and only 10 games (two friendly and eight officials). A challenge to the resistance of the protagonists of a show that ends this weekend in the final four Beijing with Spain, Australia, Argentina and France fighting for the title. A wild tournament with tints of Chinese torture in which teams will spend six times more time on airplanes than on the runway. The most obvious data of an encrypted World Cup and with all the saturated arteries: vials, bureaucratic, organizational, computer …

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