Duel at a distance. As football is aroused by the myth of return (even if by an interposed person), Messi shot literature at the altar in Maradona. We hoped that the party would give us scientific references of who was better. Seeing it as a duel was a somewhat ridiculous fantasy, because Maradona was sanctified in Naples more than 25 years ago. The passage of time is the perfect escape: each one was the best of its time and something else butterfly. But soccer is not conciliatory and, already in the warm-up, Messi was greeted with the shout of "Diego, Diego, Diego". A vote in triplicate. The game did not change the perception because Barça played wide, Gattuso locked him in a cage and Messi is allergic to exhibitionism. Since the temporary alibi does not work, you have to go to the territorial one. In Argentina and Naples, competing against Maradona is impossible. The rematch, at the Camp Nou.

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