003- Hands on Nervous System Training with Dr. Mickra Hamilton



Joining us today is Dr. Mickra Hamilton, Co-Founder/CEO Apeiron Center for Human Potential. In this episode Ben and Dr. Hamilton dive into all things capnography. She takes Ben through a series of tests, then evaluates his overall state and measures how stress approximation events affect his body. They take a deep look into optimize the mechanics of our breath, ways to improve your heart rate variability & MORE. She opens up about the Apeiron Center and the ground breaking research they are doing. Find out how her mission is creating a new paradigm for what is possible for human performance and potential.

Dr. Hamilton explains, in detail, how she will evaluate Ben’s overall state and measures how stress approximation events affect his body. [3:15] [5:45 – 16:40] Dead air – Taking him through various tests
She asks Ben to share a time of awe, something that was so amazing he can still feel it? [16:40] [18:12 – 19:21] Dead air – More tests and resting
What was something incredibly stressful that took him out of his normal state of clarity? [19:22] [21:05 – 22:38] Dead air
How can we optimize the mechanics of our breath? [22:39] Evaluating Ben’s test results: State of him, handling stress under pressure, carrying tension in your muscles, natural cycle of breath & MORE. [25:22] How do you improve your heart rate variability? [39:00] What amount of breath do we require? [41:56] How the Apeiron Center is working on transformative breath work to help people in their daily lives. [44:22] [47:10 – 52:16] Testing Ben’s HRV and what levels are considered healthy?
How did she discover this? [52:17] How they aim to do whatever the person is interested in, at whatever level they can achieve over time. [54:55] What is an ‘anechoic chamber’ and why was it created? [57:26] How we all have the ability to be resilient to stress. [1:04:25] For people who are more performance oriented under stress, what is the intervention strategy? [1:07:55] Is there an app that may exist with this natural breathing extension? [1:10:02] How much does exercise play into ideal heart rate coherence? [1:11:33] Featured Guest
Dr. Mickra Hamilton
Apeiron Center
Apeiron Center (@ApeironCHP) | Twitter
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