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5 Fat Loss HACKS You NEED To Try (GOODBYE BELLY FAT). Are you looking for some hacks to help speed up that fat loss and kick it into 5th gear? Awesome! In today’s video, I’ll be sharing with your 5 killer hacks that you can apply today to begin reducing belly fat and destroying those love handles! 1. Prepare Food For Busy Times: In today’s day and age where being ridiculously busy is the new norm, prepare for hunger cravings and prevent the all-too-easy McDonalds drive-thru by…well, preparing! 2. Start Simply, Stop Trying to Do Everything!: Ever tried to get into a new workout routine or diet, but wind up failing every time? Yup, it’s likely because you’re taking on more than you can handle at first. Start with what you can manage, master that, and then take the next step. 3. Eat Deep Fried Foods…With LESS Calories: Yup, get your hands on the New Air Air Fryer (link above) to achieve this absolutely genius invention! 4. Start Fat Pinching…Everyday!: Have you ever pinched that fat you have around your belly and it reminded you to stick to your diet and workout? Good, now start doing this 4x per week. Keep your mind focused on the fact that there is still a lot of work left to do. This will keep you motivated and consistent with sticking to your diet and killing your workouts! 5. Attach Negatives Consequences to “Good Things”: We all know how good that box of pizza will taste, and how relaxing that day off from the gym would be! I challenge you to now think of the consequences of doing those things…BEFORE you think about the pleasure you’ll enjoy by giving into them. This will help to say NO to the giving into your cravings. Enjoy the video!

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5 Fat Loss HACKS You NEED To Try (GOODBYE BELLY FAT!!) | Oil Less Air Fryer Cooking

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