BEST GLUTE WORKOUT I've EVER done | What to expect EMS Training



I take you behind the scenes of a EMS Training (Electric Muscle Stimulation training) in Toronto at the Go Go Muscle Training studio. I review a ems training session and let you know who the workout is for. Electric Muscle Stimulation is perfect for anyone who struggles with glute activation. If you can’t feel your glute muscles when working out this is for you. Another option for growing your glutes without using any weights.
We talk about what to expect at a ems training session, and who Electric Muscle Stimulation is for. Who shouldn’t do Electric Muscle Stimulation class? How many calories burned & muscles worked. Will you have to lift weights while doing Electric Muscle Stimulation? Is it beginner friendly? How expensive Electric Muscle Stimulation training is. If Electric Muscle Stimulation is great for weight loss, and many more questions answered!

If you’re new to my channel welcome! I’m a lover of all different sports, types of fitness, with a craving for adrenaline. Who love experimenting with new fitness trends, to see if they live up to the hype. Encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone & do that one thing you’ve always been scared to try. By taking on any challenge thrown my way. I also dive into what to wear, where to workout, athletic apparel, dogs, brunch, shambles with my friends, and whatever other shenanigans life throws at me. Just a cliche girl trying to live her best life, hoping to inspire you to do the same. Thanks for stopping by!


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