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See my before and after weight loss transformation in this video. Weight loss tips, advice to help you lose fat much faster.
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When I was trying to lose 30 pounds, i had many questions. And it was very hard to find simple answers. And i’ve noticed that a lot of you have the same questions I had. This video will address the top 3 things no one tells you about how to lose weight.

First let’s talk about protein shakes, meal replacement shakes, and traditional body building supplements. These are good if you need convenience. i used to be very confused about it because almost every fitness influencer has a supplement they are promoting.
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However, please know that you do not need protein supplements, meal replacement shakes, body shaping shakes – unless your doctor has recommended these things. This was something I was very confused about when I first got into fitness. So I really want to be clear on this for those of you that are seeing these brands on instagram pushing supplements. You can use them if you want to. but you don’t need them. The ONLY benefit of using supplements is that they are convenient. So if you don’t have time to cook, then they may be right for you. But in terms of delivering nutrients, providing long term health benefits, supporting the normal functioning of your hornomones, you’re better off eating your rice and beans. Also – if you are breastfeeding, I do not recommend taking these supplements because they are not regulated by the FDA. As an adult, your immune system is more developed than an infant – so these supplements may not affect your neural pathways in the way they may affect a small child whose brain cells are still rapidly developing. So if you can avoid it, i would encourage you to protect your baby and wait until you wean the child to begin taking meal replacement and protein supplements. This was a huge struggle for me when i was breastfeeding because I was eager to get fit and I WANTED THEM PROTEIN SHAKES FAM! lol

Next, let’s talk about realistic expectations of yourself when you are trying to lose weight. There was a time that I actually thought I could go to the gym at 4am, exercise for 1 hour and be back home by 6am to take care of my son fulltime. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when i think about it now but many of you are just as unrealistic as i was. Where are you going to find the time to do all that? If you have kids, where are you going to find time to go to the gym, and work, and take care of bae, and do your side hustle? its not realistic. stop playing yourself. You don’t need the gym and you don’t need a lot of time! You just need to get your head in the game and work. if you have only 10 minutes a day to exercise, do 10 minutes. If it’s 5 minutes, do 5 minutes. I understand how insanely crazy life can be. Sometimes it’s like – mehn, I don’t even have time to think. I get it. But you have to find a way. You have to. Find 5 minutes. Find 10 minutes. Do your workouts. They will help reduce your stress and it will get better. Listen to me – exercise is something we all have to do FOREVER. There is no escape. And you have to start somewhere. If your starting point is 5 minutes then great! When i started, some days, my workout was 30 minutes, some days it was 10 minutes, other days, I sat on the couch and just ate chocolate and noodles because #selfcare lol

Finally let’s talk about diet. I talk about keto specifically in this video but this applies to all diets. You’re very lucky if your body does well on a high fat, high protein diet because there are so many health benefits to keto. idk if you’ve seen the video where i tried keto and i swear i lasted only 4 hours. keto is not for me! and thats OKAY. **keto is highly effective for weightloss. however, keto is not for everybody**. some people’s bodies just do better on carbs. i’m one of those people.

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