Life Hacks for Losing Weight!



Life Hacks for Losing Weight!

Five hacks to burn calories fast and help you lose weight!

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5. Want to cut sugar from your diet? Freeze some bananas! They’re much sweeter when frozen and will provide you with a tasty treat!
4. Best times to go for a run:
-In the morning (before breakfast) to lose weight.
-In the afternoon to increase your speed and endurance.
3. Love smoothies? Add some oatmeal to your next smoothie for a cheap, healthy way to turn your drink into a filling meal!
2. Want to boost your metabolism? The following foods will help you burn calories fast: spinach, turkey, blueberries, coffee, almonds, cold water, ginger, green tea, hot peppers, salmon!
1. Easy way to burn 100 calories?
20 push ups
50 jumping jacks
15 squats
30 crunches
Repeat 3 times!


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