My best booty exercises to grow glutes using gym machines + the weights I use



Hey guys!! Here are my 10 favorite booty exercises at the gym as well as some tips on how I do them and the weights I use, I hope you will enjoy it ♥︎ The full list is below and just keep in mind that the weights I indicate are those I’m using at the moment xx

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Special thanks to my friend Bahij (@bahijkaddoura on Instagram) for recording the exercises

Exercise 1
Hip thrust
In superset with bodyweight single leg hip thrust

Exercise 2
Reverse hack squat

Exercise 3
Smith machine donkey kicks

Exercise 4
Smith machine frog kicks

Exercise 5
Bulgarian split squat

Exercise 6
Single leg deadlift

Exercise 7
Hip abduction

Exercise 8
Cable kickback

Exercise 9
Glute kickback machine

Exercise 10
Sumo squat

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