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Thank you for being here and enjoying our videos. We appreciate every single one of you.

This particular calming healing sleep video was made with the sincere intention to help you calm down and guide you into deep sleep. The track is looped to 8 hours and tuned to 432 hertz to give you the optimal healing so you will wake up feeling renewed.

Enjoy these lovely videoclips of our mother earth before you fall asleep.

Hope you enjoy!

Remember that sleep plays a vital role in our lives, both when it comes to our physical health and also our mental health. We want to provide quality sleep videos every week for those of you who need help falling asleep at night, or for those who just like sleeping with some peaceful relaxing music.

Our videos are also optimal for meditation, relaxation, studying, yoga or whatever purpose you want.

Leave us a comment if you have something on your mind. Feedback from you guys helps us improve. Tell us if there is something you want more /less of.

Good Vibes from us.πŸ’–πŸ™

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Personal Power Project loves to upload quality sleep and meditation videos for our audience. We believe in the power of the mind body and soul. We believe in YOU. We are eager to help you manifest your dreams & desires into reality. We see meditation and spiritual growth as a pathway to self-exploration and personal power which works as great tools when building a positive life for oneself where you are a conscious creator of your reality. We are all one and planet earth is our home.

Our dream is to become masters of conscious creation so that we can attract health, wealth, love and happiness from the heart along with all others on the same journey.

We believe in healing, we believe in the human potential. We believe in the human spirit.

Welcome to our channel.

– Personal Power Project – Manifest Your Dreams


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