Meditation Music 24/7, Deep Sleeping music, Calming Nature Sounds, Yoga Music, Tantra Healing music Yoga Playlists



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Meditation Music 24/7, Sleeping music, Calming Nature Sounds, Yoga Music, Deep sleep. Healing music

We have prepared our best music tracks which will help you to get in deep sleep and relax.
Use our background music to study, to relief stress after hard day. You can feel nature sounds with our live music and video. It’s perfect to meditation and yoga exercises.
Our music have healing properties with wave you can easily turn on meditation or just chill and relax while listening our live background music. It’s on 24/7 you can always come here and find something that will help you with daily yoga or morning breathing meditation.

If you have struggle to sleep you can turn on our music live with relaxing sounds it will perfectly to turn you to deep sleep. Also you can listen this with our partner – tantric sounds will help you open to each other.

On our channel you can find playlist with thematic videos and sounds, for example to Spa & Massage local, or Yoga house or for your private meditation.

We have playlist like:

❤Tantric Meditation for Couples

🌿Healing Therapy Music

🌺Aromatherapy Instrumental Background Music

🕉7 Chakras Healing Chants Meditation Series

And more … like thematic meditation sound, yoga poses, Full moon, Tantric music playlist

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