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Traditional Chinese Music ● Way of Dao ● Relaxing, Zen, Healing , Flute Music for Meditation, Yoga ►
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We are pleased to share with you again in our new music! This time we want to introduce you to the traditional music of Asia. You can feel in this track, which we called “The Way of Dao” the soul of Asia and China. We have tried to make something between music for meditation and an epic soundtrack. We combined traditional instrumental instruments with the sounds of nature and deep pads. We very much hope that you will enjoy our music and you write us your thoughts in the comments. This zen music will help you relax and unwind (relaxing), it will cleanse your mind and penetrate deep into the soul. You can use it as a background music or music for meditation, massage or yoga. Enjoy it in nature or at home. Share music with your friends. We will be glad if you can help in the development of our channel, so that we can spend more time on compose quality and beautiful music.

Taosizm is one of the most ancient religions on Earth. It was born in China in times of the Yellow Emperor – Huang Shi, that has also practice knowledge about shamanism.

“Treatise on the path and its manifestations in the universe.” – was systematized by chinese scientist Lao-tsi in his book later. Nothing is known about the birth of Lao-tsi. Some legends says that he was born as an elderly man that was carried by his mother in womb for several decades. And the ancient legend says that he was born from the sun and moon rays that touched his mother’s womb. And when he born he was able to preach the teachings of Tao.

As says teachings of Tao: Tao is the eternal path, an endless road without end and edge, which is everywhere and nowhere, it is not known where it leads and where it ends. Tao is the eternal Absolute, everything is subordinated only to him, even the will of Heaven acts according to the laws of Tao. The eternal path is also an eternal movement, because in nature nothing is at rest, everything is constantly changing and moving, the same laws must obey the essence of man.

So the inner world of human, his soul is a collection of demons and divine spirits that fight to posses the soul of man. So if we do good things in life we approach the Absolute and strengthen our soul. If we increase the number of demons by evil deeds, then we weaken our soul and move away from the Tao.

The greatest happiness is to know the Tao and merge with him for all eternity. If a person cognizes the Tao and follows his laws, he will attain immortality. For this, it is necessary to observe the following laws: nutrition of the body, nutrition of the spirit and observance of the concept of non-action.

Nutrition of the body is the almost total refusal of physical food. By constant physical training we must bring our body to full submission to reason and learn to eat our own saliva and dew of herbs and flowers.

The third postulate of Tao – the concept of doing nothing is to abandon purposeful activity, because nature itself suits everything, as it is necessary for Heaven and Tao, and man only destroys what nature has done. Therefore, the best ruler is one who tries to do nothing and not change in the state, and his subjects live by the will of Heaven and solve their own problems.

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♪ Composer: Spiritual Sense
♪ Original track title: The Way of Dao (Traditional Asian Music, Relaxing, Peaceful Chinese, Zen Music for Meditation, Yoga)

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We traveled a lot and got acquainted with the cultures of different countries, which has helped us to better understand their music and traditions, as well as comprehend the spiritual fulfillment of ritual and spiritual teachings. In our music we often weave traditional motifs of Indian Music, Arabic Music, Japanese Music, Chinese Music and Tibetan Music. Our music is designed to unleash the full potential of your meditation, helping to attain enlightenment, to cleanse the soul and mind (mind & body relaxing music), put you into a state of deep meditation and help concentrate. Also our music is suitable for people involved in martial arts, it will serve as excellent background music for your workouts. Use our music for the best results to relax (relaxing).

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