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Welcome to the Yoga Room, the Best New Age Yoga Music and Peaceful Instrumental Sounds to Increase Mind Power and Relaxation during your Yoga Classes. Soothing Nature Songs for Chakra Opening, Mindful Breathing and Sun Salutations.

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As part of the Meditation Relax Club network, Buddha Tribe offers a continuous stream of peaceful songs, deep meditation music and spa relaxation tunes. Oriented towards Buddhist and meditation music with authentic Tibetan melodies, Buddha Tribe provides a constant production of relaxing and calm music videos for spa massage therapy, yoga, pilates and reiki, useful to practice meditation in its different shapes. This channel also produces inspirational and motivational songs collections for personal reflection moments to increase your self esteem and promote positive thinking.

Just like those first days in 2012, we would love to fill your days with the most relaxing music ever, going through uplifting songs and beautiful gentle music, finding out that also lounge and chillout music can be extremely intense and magic. We project our music and videos to give you a unique experience of relaxation!

Enjoy some of our best videos for:

♦ Yoga Music for Stress Relief ♦
Open the mind with the inspirations of yoga practice. If you’re looking for something special as soundtrack for your yoga exercises, we have something that perfectly suits for you. Our yoga meditation musics mix oriental melodies, produced with Asian instruments like oriental flutes, indian sitar, harps and strings, with real nature sounds that help you empty your mind following the yoga workout routine to relieve daily stress and anxieties that affect your life.
#yoga #yogi #yogamusic #meditation #workout #yogatraining #destress #sunsalutation

♦ Zen Tibetan Buddhist Meditation ♦
Specialized in zen meditation music, Buddha Tribe provides the greatest meditative videos on YouTube, with a wide variety of oriental sounds to induce you into a deep state of meditation. Tibetan bowls, crystals, buddhist chants and many more are only a few of the asian characteristics of these mind meditation songs with instrumental tranquil music, to help you reach the enlightenment and be perfectly consciouss of your self being.
#meditation #mindfulness #tibetan #monks #india #deepmeditation #chakra

♦ Wellness & Spa ♦
Our composers sincerely create everyday gentle music and light melodies useful to spa and massage treatments. Piano music, flute and harp songs give shape to wonderful videos you can play at home for free while enjoying your spa day with beauty treatments and little body massages to relax and unwind, meeting your inner harmony again.
#spa #wellness #wellbeing #soothingmusic #reiki #massage #therapy

Become a New Age enthusiast, discover our full set of relaxing music channels here on Youtube:

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All together these channels reach the amazing audience of more than ❤ 1,5 million ❤ of subscribers (and counting…)! Be part of our success… subscribe now!


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