On July 15, 1905 the Tour ascends to the Ball of Alsace. Henri Desgrange, one of the drivers of the race, decides to expand the horizons of the race. "We will no longer go directly from Paris to Lyon, but we will make a big detour through Nancy and Besançon," he says. The stage starts at dawn, the cyclists see the sunrise from the bicycle. They collide with the colossus of the Vosges. "The pedals are spinning more slowly, they almost seem to want to stop in neutral, then it's like a rattle of death, the complete abandonment of oneself, the chest beats with great blows, the body straightens up, the effort is over, the man He leans to the side, like a falling column, then gets off the bike, it's over, he's irreparably defeated, "he says. Victor Breyer in his chronicle of L'Auto.

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