Alternative vs Western Medicine – A Comparison Of Their Core Principles & Benefits Core Power Yoga



Watch This Video To Learn: The differences in diagnostics, treatment, side effects, costs, and so on between these two medical systems.

Time Stamps For Easy Viewing:
0:36 – Defining the popular titles for these two medical systems
1:10 – Prevention
1:35 – Roots vs Branches
2:43 – Map vs Mask
4:57 – Treatment of Symptoms
5:52 – Acute vs Chronic
6:38 – Speed of Treatment
7:29 – Side Effects
9:00 – Research
11:08 – Technology
11:58 – Cost
14:04 – Patient Education

My content is not created to put Western medicine down. My intention is to offer the suggestion that there is room at the table for both medical systems to support the health needs of the public.

For a more extensive list of what alt med has to offer, check out my previous Instagram post about the most popular alternative medicine treatment options.


Check out my Instagram for more alternative medicine themed content! My page is aimed at helping beginners understand basic principles in a fun and easy to understand way.


Shanell LaBelle is a certified yoga instructor (200 hour RYT) through CorePower Yoga. She teaches Beg-Adv Vinyasa, Bikram, Yin/Restorative, and Yoga Sculpt (A high energy fitness-based yoga sequence with hand-held weights). She also teaches HIIT training at Built Gymnasium in Studio City. She is currently signed with the MTA Fitness Modeling Agency. You can find Shanell instructing her self-made Yoga Fit sequence on the Fabletics app (premiering Winter 2020). Shanell has her Bachelor’s in Wellness and Alternative Medicine. Her career goal is to work in the Health Entertainment industry in an educational position.

Scripted, Performed, Shot, & Edited By: Shanell LaBelle


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