Breathing Techniques for Stress Relief 30 Minutes with Samson F Core Power Yoga



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Whether you’re looking for a 5 minute meditation or sweaty 60 minute flow, we’re here for you-whenever, wherever. #LiveYourPower

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In consideration of CorePower Yoga, LLC (“CPY”) allowing me to participate in yoga instruction, exercises and other activities conducted or organized by or through CPY in connection with the CorePower Live program (collectively, the “Activities”), I acknowledge that the Activities include strenuous physical activities and exercises; participating in the Activities with other participants; participating in the Activities in new and/or unfamiliar places and manners; and exposure to known and unknown dangers in the areas in which the Activities are conducted. I fully understand that the Activities can be HAZARDOUS, and involve risks which could result in BODILY INJURY, ILLNESS, DEATH, DAMAGE OR LOSS to myself (including, without limitation, abnormal blood pressure, fainting, stroke or heart attack), my property, and to other third parties and their property, which may be caused by my own actions or inactions, those of others participating in the Activities, the locations at which the Activities take place, the conditions in which the Activities take place; and I fully accept and ASSUME ALL SUCH RISKS. I understand the nature of the Activities, I am participating in the Activities voluntarily, and I am in good health, physically and mentally fit and otherwise prepared and able to participate in the Activities. I will discontinue my participation in the Activities if I believe at any time my participation poses a threat to myself or any third party.


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