Cross Core Fit Flow with Duncan Wong Core Power Yoga



In this Cross Core Fit Flow Class with Duncan Wong, you will focus on the wrists, balance and optimization of internal body power.
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This will bring you in the cross-core power structure that is practiced throughout the program.
It is a 10-module course that will serve you through repeated practice and openness to your body’s natural wisdom and your spirit’s insights. Breath will be our master guide and the energy you experience from the three points of healing will certainly be life changing!

The three points of healing can be expressed as
1) Release
2) Realign
3) Restructure

which can be understood through the process of:
1) sourcing tension where you find blocked energy and releasing it through internal movement.
2) Creating structural alignment of your primary joints via activation of your central cross core muscular anatomy.
3) Redeveloping untrained internal micro muscles along your spine and inner lines of your arms and legs to establish supreme restructuring of our natural strength-flexibility.
This program will take you on a journey together to awaken your optimized body balance. Cross Core Fit Flow: Find your inner core path crossing at your center, maintaining spiritual fitness and fluidity in your daily flow.

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