Exercises to Improve Your Balance: 2) Beginners Balance Challenges Core Power Yoga



Join Jennifer Dixon ERYT 500 and Authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher for the second installment of Exercises to Improve Your Balance. Here, Jennifer moves on from the surfaces that you need to pick to work on and into a very subtle exercise that’ll have your feet talking to you big time!

Today’s assignment is to take off your shoes, and try, with both feet firmly grounded directly underneath your hips, to sway your hips, or move your body weight around, while keeping your feet in the same place. See if you can feel the way you feet respond with the shifts in balance. You may find that the arches raise or lower, your toes come up or your heels come up, depending on where your weight is relative to your feet.

These are the muscles in your feet working to keep you balanced. This is a subtle exercise but it’s great to help you reconnect with the tiny nerve receptors and muscles in your feet and they will start to fire a bit more with regular exercise.

That’s the key, practicing this sort of exercise every day for a few moments each day until it becomes easy- or second nature to allow your weight to move to different areas of your feet.
If you want to learn a little more about the two yoga mats Jennifer uses when working on her balance and how it is good to practice these exercises on different surfaces once you have mastered them on harder surfaces like a hardwood floor, concrete, tile, etc.

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