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Hi as promised long ago to some ppl here now the core power mesmer wvw roaming. All footage is pre patch i played on 2 days on 2 different accounts (2 matchups) from the same week. Oneshots are as always only for editing purposes and all ppl you can see in this vid were not afk and could see me being around before i attacked or stealthed.

Sadly the days were insanely laggy as you even can see sometimes in the vid. esp stow weapon is the first thing starting to delay or not activating at all, what makes fighting esp. vs spellbreakers a bit harder.

Im in wvw maybe 5 times a year for 2 days each and during that i never get used to the weird invuln buff on ppl falling in downstate (it doesnt exist in pvp), i cant count the number of blurreds and berserkers i wasted into that thing for cleave purposes… -.-

Also pls overlook a few dodge wastes i did because im not used to core dodge mechanic and core build without dodgeclones anymore. Here and there you see me dodging for a clone or a gs ambush what is ofc completely useless on this build. Also i interrupted my own casts sometimes with a dodge. i only played this build for 2 days straight after another without enough time to rly get used to it again. Still, promised is promised and i hope you can enjoy the core mes footage.Sry for the low quality editing from me, i hope that will get better soon.

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If you want such an awesome chatcover too, ask Reema (ingame: eko.4129)! much luv!

Build used:

5 Aurene Outfits giveaway Participation:

– Just add “aurene ftw” into your youtube comment under this vid if
you wanna participate, only comments with that added will join
the giveaway (so if you dont want to join but still wanna give
feedback to the video you can do that, feedback is welcome as
always!). Comments including flame, troll or insults will be
disqualified. Ofc criticism is allowed and will not lower your
chance to win, as long as it is free of previous names stuff.

– the 5 winners will be randomly picked at: 19 october 2019, 8pm.
Pls check your comment for an answer of me informing you
that you have won, sometimes youtube fail notifications about
answers added to comments. You then have to give me any data
to send you the code (discord, mail, pm in forum or whatever
way you prefer).

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[sM] Roamers

Sbobbi-Core D/D thief-

Terissimo-D/P Thief-


Hollts (reaper)-

Seven (Ele) –

feint fate (mesmer)-

Melvin (Revenant) –

Faith Navi (mesmer, mulitclass):

I do not own the music used in this vid. All credit goes to the artists of the songs! Songs used:

Audiomachine – Akkadian Empire [Paul Dinletir Remix] Dubstep Meets Metal_ Skrillex vs Disturbed – Down With San Diego
AGLORY-MORT (full EP) – Kannibalen Records
A_S_Y_S – Bassface (Original Mix) [Suara] Daniel Bortz – The Misery (Nu & Acid Pauli Remix)
Tracy Chapman – Give me one reason (The Tailors Djs remix)


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