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Welcome to Happy Yoga On Demand’s Unlimited Access Yoga Portal and stay tuned for your free full length episode from our Mastering Balance Portal!

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With Happy Yoga On Demand’s Unlimited Access Portal you can gain access to the entire Happy Yoga catalog, including all the Happy Yoga episodes, live audio yoga classes, breath and meditation!

Each portal provides you with a customized experience including our Gentle Yoga Portal where you can enjoy the benefits of yoga without getting out of your chair. Whether you have disabilities, injuries, problems with balance, weight challenges or inflexibility, this is the practice is for you.

Unlimited Access also includes the Mastering Balance Portal, allowing you to experience seated AND standing postures to strengthen your core, increase stability, balance and muscle tone using the chair for support.

From there you have the option to take your practice to the mat. If you’ve been doing Accessible Yoga and are looking for more of a challenge, our Intermediate Yoga Portal provides you a dynamic flow yoga practice with a variety of sessions, allowing you to grow your practice at your own pace!

You’ll also have access to our Live Audio Collection, with over 365 audio files you’ll never get bored with your practice and you can choose what area you would like to focus on with easy to follow along 60-90 min classes.

We’ve also included the Breath and Meditation Portal! The breath and meditation exercises focus on mindful breathing practices that are calming and energizing and can even help with stress-related health problems ranging from panic attacks to digestive disorders.

Give yourself all the benefits of yoga without getting out of your chair or take your practice to the mat, it’s all yours with Happy Yoga On Demand’s Unlimited Access portal! A new you is just a click away! Visit


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