Luke Yoga: Visit for the best yoga sculpt & massage in San Diego! Core Power Yoga



Review for from Allison:

“Oh my gosh, feels so good right now. Just had my first 1:1 yoga teacher session with Luke who is my absolute favorite yoga sculpt teacher and he comes to your house and had me go through intense weight training sculpting. I was sweating as you can tell. So hard. And, he’s a fully trained masseuse and he gives a massage including full back and neck with China gel and a foot massage. So, I feel like a million bucks right now. Holy crap. If anyone hates driving to their local studio and finding a parking spot. Or, knows they should put in more massages but find it hard to put in self care – Holy crap. I totally recommend you go to his account. Follow him, learn more because this is amazing, and he’s gonna book out. Holy crap.”


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