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Pebbles presents “ Yoga for Heart & High BP in Malayalam ”, to make your body graceful and beautiful. The asanas prescribed in this video, helps one to overcome everyday stress and make one feel cheerful all through the day. They help to tone-up your muscles in the entire body and a wholesome change is offered. It increases the blood circulation, sends out the greasy substances and help make your skin shining without any ill-effets of chemical cosmetics. By continued practice of such asanas one can maintain their body fitness well and look beautiful without ever resorting to a vigorous gym schedule.

Start doing the Asanas on your own..!

* Omkar Sadhana
* Tadasan
* Kukutasan
* Surya Namaskar
* Vajrasan
* Surya Namaskar Type 2
* Yogamudra
* Supta Vajrasan
* Shavasan
* Gomukhasan
*Body Management
*Hasta Uttanasan
*Ardhakatiya Chakrasan
*Naadishodhan Pranayam
*Sheetali Pranayam
*Bhramari Pranayam
*Ujjayi Pranayam
*Dirgha Shavasan

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