9 Hip Opening and Stretching Yoga Poses For Beginners



Bring balance back to your hip joints by following Rachel Browning’s hip opening and stretching yoga exercises! This hip opening yoga sequence will show you gentle but effective ways to stretch all of your hip muscles which can help to lessen knee pain, low back pain, or even shoulder pain because these areas can all be related to the hips. There are many muscles in the hip including the glutes, (including the piraforis, glute max, glute med and glute minimus), the hamstrings, the psoas, and more. Many people find emotion tied up in their hips, so relaxing, proper breathing and stretching the hips can release pent up emotion. Open your hips by following this yoga sequence every few days!

– Rachel Browning –
Master Personal Trainer

– Produced by Larry Cook –
Author of The Beginner’s Guide to Natural Living

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