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बिक्रम योगा
What is bikram yoga? The Bikram Yoga poses were selected by bikram Choudhury and are planned to “scientifically circulate clean, oxygenated blood to hundred percent of your body, to every fiber and organ,” This exercise is done in a heated room. There are a number of breathing postures in this yoga. What are the benefits of yoga? There are countless benefits of yoga. The objective of this yoga is to make your body strong and flexible. In this yoga poses youtube video, you will learn what are 26 poses bikram yoga and how to do bikram yoga?
What are the 26 poses of hot yoga?
1. Spine Twisting Pose
2 and 3. Head to Knee with Stretching Pose
4. Rabbit pose
5. Camel Pose
6. Half Tortoise Pose
7. Fixed Firm Pose
8. Bow Pose
9. Full Locust Pose
10. Locust Pose
11. Cobra Pose
12. Sit Up
13. The Wind Removing Pose
14. Dead Body Pose
15. Toe Stand
16. Tree Pose
17. Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose
18. Triangle Pose
19. Standing Separate Stretch Leg Stretching
20. Balancing Stick Pose
21. Standing Bow Pose
22. Standing Head to Knee Pose
23. Eagle Pose
24. The Awkward Pose
25. Half Moon Pose
26. Standing Deep Breathing Pose

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