Chair Yoga: 5 min Yoga exercises at your desk



Chair Yoga: 5 min Yoga exercises at your desk….Learn to release tension and increase your energy levels while at work!

We spend the majority of our days sitting in chairs, cars and couches; which results in poor posture, neck / shoulder tension, back problems, limited hip mobility and decreased energy levels. It’s imperative that we take time throughout the day to move our bodies to keep ourselves healthy and productive!

This 5 minute sequence is designed for you to take a short break from your busy work day to reset. This video consists of an all-levels Yoga practice that can be done while seated at your desk. This specific sequence is designed to remove tension from the neck and shoulders, as well as increase spinal mobility. Low back pain is the second highest cause of missing work after the flu. Back pain can be prevented and treated by strengthening the back muscles, increasing flexibility and improving poor posture. This sequence targets the underlying causes of low back pain caused by sedentary conditions.

Did you know that sitting for long periods of time can increase your risk of death by 40%?! Our body is not built to sit for such long periods of time — so make an effort to get up throughout your day! Walk around, stretch your back, your legs, your neck… and keep moving!

All Yoga practices focus on deep breathing while moving through poses, making this practice a moving meditation. Deep breathing into the belly increases oxygenation, lowers the heart rate and blood pressure, improves digestion and creates a calming effect on the mind. Learning how to breathe deeply is an effective way to handle stress.

Make sure to take 5 minutes out of your busy work day to take care of yourself with this all-levels sequence!

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