Day 31/40 Rad Kundalini Yoga Challenge ~ Stimulating the 7th Rib



Stimulating the 7th Rib

Starting Position: Stretch your arms straight out in front of you parallel to the ground, bend your elbows, & bend your wrists forward so the palms face upward. Position your arms so the base of your hands are level with you’re eyebrows.

As you chant “Har,” pull in on the navel point as you forcefully bring the elbows toward your chest to hit the sides of the ribcage. At the point of impact your palms should be level with your cheekbones as they strike the 7th ribs.

Eyes closed

Har (pronounced HUD)

The 7th rib which is a meridian point regulating the diaphragm. Emotional, physical and spiritual well-being can depend on the diaphragm. When our personal power is weakened, our strength and stamina are drained, we can unlock this thanks to our yoga practice to regain our potential and regenerate, renew and refresh ourselves.
Going easy on this one won’t get you too far, Yogi Bhajan says  “Free your soul from the prison of your ribcage. Hit hard!”

I’ve gone through various periods of Self Doubt throughout my life, even as of recent, but after years of doing my own inner work, reflection, confrontation, harvesting Self~Love & Self~Acceptance, I’ve learned I can & I do Trust MySelf!

See, Trust has to come from within You For You!

This is the Intimacy we all seek ~ That Into Me I See & Know!

Are you ready to tap into your Own Inner Power?

Join me in for this 40-Day Rad Kundalini Yoga 🧘🏽‍♀️ Challenge to Awaken to Your Intuition & Cultivate the Power Within You!

Designed to Support & Guide the Beginner into this Yogic Practice with ease, as well as, those who already have experience & are seeking a consistent 40-day practice to enhance their lives.
Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Awareness through your personal experience. During these 40-days, you’ll learn the power of Breath, Mantra, Sound Current, Postures & Alignment, Mudras & Eye Gazing through your personal Experience!

Get your journals ready to capture & reflect how each practice brings you deeper into your own Self-Awareness!

It’s here in Community we Rise Together!

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Keep It Raw, Stay Rad!


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