Day 32/40 Rad Kundalini Yoga Challenge ~ Meditation to Change the Ego



Meditation to Change the Ego

Eye Gaze is at the knuckles of the thumbs with narrow eyelids.

Mudra: With a straight spine & chest slightly lifted, relax the arms down at the sides & bring the hands in front of the center of the chest at heart level. The palms are facing each other, fingers in in loose fists, & thumbs extended upwards with the segments touching alongside one another while he rest of the hands stay separated.

Breath: Bring your total concentration to your breath creating this steady breathing pattern:
Inhale through the nose slowly 8 seconds
Hold the breath for 8 seconds
Exhale through the nose in 8 equal strokes
Hold the breath out for 8 seconds

To End: Inhale deeply stretching the hands over head – Open & Close the hands several times. Relax

I’ve gone through various periods of Self Doubt throughout my life, even as of recent, but after years of doing my own inner work, reflection, confrontation, harvesting Self~Love & Self~Acceptance, I’ve learned I can & I do Trust MySelf!

See, Trust has to come from within You For You!

This is the Intimacy we all seek ~ That Into Me I See & Know!

Are you ready to tap into your Own Inner Power?

Join me in for this 40-Day Rad Kundalini Yoga 🧘🏽‍♀️ Challenge to Awaken to Your Intuition & Cultivate the Power Within You!

Designed to Support & Guide the Beginner into this Yogic Practice with ease, as well as, those who already have experience & are seeking a consistent 40-day practice to enhance their lives.
Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Awareness through your personal experience. During these 40-days, you’ll learn the power of Breath, Mantra, Sound Current, Postures & Alignment, Mudras & Eye Gazing through your personal Experience!

Get your journals ready to capture & reflect how each practice brings you deeper into your own Self-Awareness!

It’s here in Community we Rise Together!

Ninja flip over to our RAD FB Group Radiculously RawThentic – Make sure to Like Page & set Live Video Notifications to catch every show!

Keep It Raw, Stay Rad!


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