Day 38/40 Rad Kundalini Yoga Challenge ~ Meditation for Prosperity



Meditation for Prosperity

In a chair or in easy seated position with a Light neck lock.

Eyes: Closed & focused at the third eye or you may have them open looking down at the top of the nose

Mudra: With your elbows at your sides, forearms are parallel to the ground, hands pointing forward with the wrists straight & palms facing up, touch the tips of the index fingers (Gyan Mudra). Chant the following Mantra in a steady cadence.


I’ve gone through various periods of Self Doubt throughout my life, even as of recent, but after years of doing my own inner work, reflection, confrontation, harvesting Self~Love & Self~Acceptance, I’ve learned I can & I do Trust MySelf!

See, Trust has to come from within You For You!

This is the Intimacy we all seek ~ That Into Me I See & Know!

Are you ready to tap into your Own Inner Power?

Join me in for this 40-Day Rad Kundalini Yoga 🧘🏽‍♀️ Challenge to Awaken to Your Intuition & Cultivate the Power Within You!

Designed to Support & Guide the Beginner into this Yogic Practice with ease, as well as, those who already have experience & are seeking a consistent 40-day practice to enhance their lives.
Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Awareness through your personal experience. During these 40-days, you’ll learn the power of Breath, Mantra, Sound Current, Postures & Alignment, Mudras & Eye Gazing through your personal Experience!

Get your journals ready to capture & reflect how each practice brings you deeper into your own Self-Awareness!

It’s here in Community we Rise Together!

Ninja flip over to our RAD FB Group Radiculously RawThentic – Make sure to Like Page & set Live Video Notifications to catch every show!

Keep It Raw, Stay Rad!


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