Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Sugary drinks, which one worse |

In general, we drink too much sugar, since almost half of Spanish adults exceed the recommendations for sugar intake just with the liquids they drink. Read the Full Story

Juice Beauty, the natural cosmetics revolution comes from California |

Juice Beauty has steadily improved since its inception, always offering plant-based formulas without harsh ingredients and rigorous INCIs, yet they work excellently well. Read the Full Story

The Benefits of Green Tea and Coffee for Type 2 Diabetics |

Previously published research suggests that drinking tea green and brown regularly can be beneficial to health due to the various bioactive compounds that these drinks contain. Read the Full Story

New nourishing balm for men’s skin |

We are therefore faced with partly thick and oily skin, but also sensitive and prone to dehydration and to suffer from conditions and obstructions due to having a more open pore, capable of accumulating more impurities. Read the Full Story

The key foods to take good care of ourselves in autumn |

Immersed in autumn and with our coat and umbrella ready when it does nothing, we still wear sandals, it is not only our wardrobe that changes with the arrival of the cold, but also our pantries. Read the Full Story

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Big discounts from Biohebarium. |ón-Biohebarium

Dulkamara creams are highly certified natural cosmetics (CPAEN) that will solve your skin problems like no one has done so far: Redness, Shine, Hypersensitivity, Visible pores, couperose, pimples, peeling. Read the Full Story

New European Alliance for plant foods in Europe |

Proveg International is proud to be a founding member of the European Alliance for Plant-based Foods (EAPF). Read the Full Story

Juice beauty primer: a star primer |

Juice Beauty Primer (in its full name: Phyto-Pigments Illuminating Primer) is a primer without silicones in its composition (unlike those in the conventional cosmetic market). Read the Full Story

Europe rejects two proposals on food additives because they are harmful to children |...

First, the Eurochamber has asked Brussels to apply the "precautionary principle" with regard to titanium dioxide (E 171) and remove it from the list of permitted food additives used for coloring. to bakery products. Read the Full Story

Bioherbarium offers a 10% discount on the entire range of “The Organyc Pharmacy” products,...

Do not miss its top range ROSE DIAMOND, its mythical anti-aging Serum, its Sunscreen Cream without possible comparison or its sophisticated body products. Read the Full Story

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