Monday, January 25, 2021
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Ojito, antidepressants do not relieve back pain and osteoarthritis |

Antidepressant medications are largely ineffective for back pain and osteoarthritis, despite being widely used for these conditions, a review of the evidence published in The BMJ suggests. Read the Full Story

Physical activity supports mental health during confinement |

Spanish researchers have described the effect of movement on the psychological health of the population during the onset of covid-19 to determine if physical activity can be a good strategy to contribute to emotional well-being. Read the Full Story

Light products DO NOT lose weight |

After Christmas, a recurring New Year's resolution is usually to lose weight, since during these festivities we get to gain between two and three kilos in some cases. Read the Full Story

Why does the fruit swell up Fructose intolerance |

Luc & iacute; a Redondo is a Doctor of Science and a dietitian-nutritionist. She is head of the Nutritional Therapy and Integrative Health Unit of the Valencian Digestive Institute (IVADI) at the Hospital Casa de Salud (Valencia). Read the Full...

We start the ‘International Year of Fruits and Vegetables’ |

Appointed by the United Nations General Assembly, it represents a great opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of fruits and vegetables in human nutrition, food security and health, as well as as for the achievement of the SDGs. Read...

The ‘fritanga’ and the heart |

They pooled data on 17, including 562,445 participants and 36,727 major cardiovascular "events," such as a heart attack or stroke, to assess the risk of cardiovascular disease. Read the Full Story

Our internal clock and cancer, the secret is in the ‘balance’ |

Researchers have discovered an unexpected and novel target for prostate cancer in the body's own biological clock by proving that CRY-1. Read the Full Story

International Croquette Day 2021 |

There is very clear why it was established This date, but the truth is that it has been many years since January 16 is the International Croquette Day. At ECOticias we believe that the best are the ecological ones...

Aloe Vera: all its benefits and properties |

Find out more about the benefits that aloe vera can bring to people's health. Read the Full Story

This year, Arôms Natur starts with a 10% discount on all its products |...

Arôms Natur wants to make you feel part of his family and to thank the recognition of the effort and passion for eco-certified products within the ECOticias community. Read the Full Story

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