BIOHERBARIUM presents an ‘Amazonian Luxury, and ECO’ for your hair |

These 100% natural hair care products deliver astonishingly transformative results for both the appearance of the hair and the health of the scalp and hair fiber. Read the Full Story

Pot tomatoes, the OCU passes sentence |

Overall, OCU notes that the Nutriscore semaphore nutrition labeling scores for the 113 products reviewed have been "pretty good": 59 A and 45 B. Only nine C-rated products are found. Read the Full Story

BIOHERBARIUM presents: ‘Discover Ilia Clean Color’ the ‘BIO’ cosmetic par excellence |

ILIA Beauty Discover ILIA Clean Color & nbsp; is the perfect introduction to one of the most attractive brands of organic cosmetics on the market. Read the Full Story

Cured loin, all are advantages |

In this work, different brands of loin, chorizo, fuet and salchichón have been analyzed, in order to obtain the real nutritional values ​​of the sausages in the study that reach Spanish households. Read the Full Story

Cosmia Bio, organic hygiene and beauty |

The exclusive brand Cosmia reinforces its range with Bio products. Use natural ingredients such as olive, calendula, sweet almond, or shea butter. Read the Full Story

Give the slip to salmonellosis |

In summer it is recommended to take extreme precautions with egg-based foods to avoid salmonellosis, one of the foodborne diseases that are most registered in summer. Read the Full Story

Practical guide on washing children’s hair, and ‘always’ with ecological products |

It is not bad to wash children's hair every day; that is, the hair must be washed whenever it is dirty. This is valid not only for minors but also for the hair of adults. Read the Full Story

Before using the toothbrush it is a good idea to wash your hands |...

Experts from the Official College of Dentists of Castellón (CODECS) have stressed the need to wash their hands before handling the brush. Read the Full Story

Nocturnal Blue Light Exposure Is Associated With Increased Risk Of Colorectal Cancer |

Relates nighttime exposure to blue light - like that emitted by many tablet screens and mobile phones & ndash; with an increased risk of colorectal cancer. The results are published in the journal Epidemiology. Read the Full Story