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A great idea, 10,000 steps a day and limit the use of plastics after...

Sanitas experts have advised that, after vacations and back to work, avoid sedentary lifestyle, join the challenge of 10,000 steps a day, limit the use of plastics and use less and less paper . Read the Full Story

Ultra Rich Body Cream: a natural and sustainable option |

You can apply it by giving yourself a gentle massage. Spread well over the most irritated and dry areas for ideal hydration. Read the Full Story

The ‘trans fats’ kill half a million human beings annually |

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the consumption of trans fats produced at an industrial level causes about 500,000 deaths every year around the world, because they promote the development of coronavirus diseases. Read the Full Story

Bioregena has launched its special baby sunscreen SPF 50+, to take care of the...

Contains mineral UVB / UVA titanium dioxide filter, with clinical studies conducted in independent laboratories. In addition, it contains bisabolol, beeswax and sesame oil, to help take care of the most fragile skin. Read the Full Story

Neurological damage from device abuse in children |

One of the problems that confinement has brought with it has been the abuse of information and communication technologies (ICT), electronic devices, come on, like mobile phones. the tablet. Read the Full Story

Honey and Hibiscus Repair Shampoo for Dry Hair |

With each wash you will notice the difference in the appearance and health of your hair, which will appear stronger, younger and healthier. Read the Full Story

You have to maintain physical activity after returning from vacation |

The lack of activity leads to atrophy of the muscles, joint stiffness and a decrease in the elasticity of muscles and tendons and if on vacation we have resumed active life with exercise in the open air. Read the Full...

Probably the best ecological sunscreen you will find in Bioherbarium |

The Organic Pharmacy sun cream spf 50, unique among organic sun creams for its formulation, aroma and texture. Read the Full Story

Being just a social smoker is no guarantee of health |

The study also shows that the risk of death from lung cancer for these social smokers, that is, those who smoke less than ten cigarettes a day, is not substantially lower than that of those who smoke more. ;...