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Friends, we continue to work on our album of relaxing Mid East Oriental Music Album. We got here is such a magical and insanely beautiful track, which we share. Also, we are already starting to think about the next album.

“Gok Tengri” – this song is a journey to the world of ancient gods and religions. Tengri, is one of the names for the primary chief deity used by the early Turkic (Xiongnu, Hunnic, Bulgar) and Mongolic (Xianbei) peoples.Tengri was the national god of the Göktürks, described as the “god of the Turks”. The Göktürk khans based their power on a mandate from Tengri. These rulers were generally accepted as the sons of Tengri who represented him on Earth. Tengri is considered to be the chief god who created all things.

In fact, we have a lot of ideas and desires, but without your active help, we will very slowly go to our goal. But we will go to her, be sure of it!

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♪ Composer: Spiritual Sense
♪ Original track title: Unknown God (Emotional Arabic Music, Soothing, Relaxing Arabian Music, Stress Relief Music Therapy)

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