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Hang Drum Music ● Elegy of Ancient Times ● for yoga, relaxation, morning practice, positive vibes ►
★ Interesting facts about Ancient Egypt
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★ The Inspiration for this track comes from the times of mystery and the seven wonders of the world, from Nile to Great China Wall and to the deepest lands of South America. We had a good time listening to some old records of ethnic music and now ready to share our own masterpiece. But also we wanna share with you some information about ancient Egypt, so if you also eager to know more, read below 🙂

Daily Life in Ancient Egypt Facts
The main form of travel in ancient Egypt was by boat.
The main source of protein was fish when it was caught.
Adobe houses built from mud were cool on the inside and had flat roofs so that in the summer time people could sleep on the tops of them.
Houses were built around courtyards, and all the cooking was done outside in the courtyard.
Little children in ancient Egypt oftentimes didn’t wear clothes, but often wore jewelry around their necks.

Family Life
Family was important in ancient Egypt, and family life began early for the ancient Egyptians. Men and women both tended to marry young, and most marriages were polygamous with the husband having several wives.

The husband usually had a senior or chief wife who was considered higher than the other ones. Although divorce existed in ancient Egypt, it was rare because of the Egyptians’ commitment to the sanctity of the family unit.

Role of Men
Men, on the other hand, worked the fields to earn their family a living and raise them crops to eat. Even though women were considered equal to men in many ways, the man was still considered to be the head of the household, and women were expected to obey their fathers and husbands.

Although there is much talk of slave life in ancient Egypt, many scholars theorize that the role of men slaves in Egypt was much more like that of servants than slaves. Some men became craftsmen by learning a trade from their fathers or artisans.

Contrary to popular belief, women were not treated as second-class citizens in ancient Egypt. In fact, there were oftentimes treated as equals to men. They were allowed to own their own property, testify in court and even conduct business dealings just like men could. More than once did a woman rule Egypt as the pharaoh as well.

Role of Women
Still, even though women were treated better than other women in other parts of the world at that time, they were still seen as the primary caretakers of the home and children. Their primary responsibilities were still to overseeing the duties of the home, such as raising the children and preparing meals for the family.

The primary form of shelter in ancient Egypt was houses made of adobe, which are simply bricks made of sun-dried mud. The windows and doors of adobes were covered with mats to keep flies and other insects out, and the homes were filled with decorations much like we decorate our homes today.

Although noblemen usually had larger homes that were divided into three areas, the reception area, hall and private quarters, peasants lived in town homes that were usually two or three stories tall.

The first floor of the town homes were usually reserved for business and reception purposes, whereas the top two floors served as private housing for the residents. Since there was no indoor plumbing back then, sewage had to be disposed of in rivers, pits and sometimes even in the streets.

The ancient Egyptians believed in the gods and goddesses of Egyptian mythology. Their religion was polytheistic, but towns and villages would often claim a particular god as the one they worshiped most. The religion was filled with rituals, rites and other special practices and ceremonies, and many temples were built in honor of specific gods and goddesses.

The Nile
The Nile River was extremely important to the ancient Egyptian’s way of life. Not only was the river the primary source for drinking water, but it also had the ability to produce the extremely fertile soil that the Egyptians needed for survival. Most of Egypt is dry desert land, and the annual floods that the river provided allowed the waters to flow onto the banks so that crops could have the water that they needed to grow. Consequently, many cities and villages sprang up around the river Nile.

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