Hot Power Fusion (HPF CPY) Yoga ❀ music: DJ Taz Rashid Core Power Yoga



This is the Hot-Power-Fusion (HPF) CorePower Yoga (CPY) Signature Yoga Class with music by DJ Taz Rashid, Sol Rising and Momentology.
This HPF set sequence class is a fusion of Power Vinyasa and Hot Yoga (Bikram-based).

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**Please note that this video is not sponsored or endorsed by CorePower Yoga.**

This class consists of many strength and balancing postures that you would find in Hot Yoga classes.
It is recommended to be in a hot room. You could use a heater or if you want to warm up your muscles in another efficient way at home, a hot bath or a light workout right before taking this class could help.
It can be challenging in parts if you are new to Yoga. Please do not let this discourage you, rather inspire you to explore more of what Yoga has to offer.
I was first trained as a yoga teacher by CorePower Yoga in Los Angeles and I loved teaching and practicing this set sequence very much.

Please let me know how you like it. ❤️

~ DJ Taz Rashid

~ Sol Rising

~ Momentology

‘HPF’ Spotify playlist:

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00:00 Welcome & Intro
00:40 Intention Series
02:48 Sun Salutation A
06:33 Standing Series
12:14 Balancing Series
23:47 Triangle Series – Long Set
37:39 Triangle Series – Flow
41:36 Core Series
48:51 Hip Series
52:01 Spine Series
01:01:03 Surrender Series

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It is recommended to consult your physician regarding the applicability of any recommendations and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program. You agree to practice at your own risk when participating in any exercise or exercise program because of the existing possibility of physical injury. You also agree to voluntarily take part in these exercises and activities and assume all risk of injury to yourself.

2021 © Mary Kolende
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