Alphabet Animals Song (Alphabet Aerobics Parody)



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Alphabet Animals Song Lyrics

Ants always act angry and afraid.
Big baby bears blow bubbles being brave.
Cold city cats can come clean clocks.
Dirty dogs do drink daily drip drop.
Eight elephants eat early every evening.
Funny fish find fresh food for feeding.
Good gray goats go get green grass.
Hungry happy hippos have huge hard hats.
Interesting insects invite itching.
Jaguars just joined joyful jumping.
Kid kangaroos keep kissing kind kings.
Lazy little lions like loud laughing.
Many mean monkeys might make more movies.
Neat narwhals need neighbors not noobies.
Other odd otters own old objects.
Pretty pink pigs paint personal portraits.
Quiet quails qualify quality questions.
Real rich rats remember retro reruns.
Smelly skunks see six stinky small socks.
Ten tall tigers telling time tick tock.
Unicorns under umbrellas unlikely.
Very vocal vultures voice vowels verily.
Wild wolves wait watching white winter weather.
Exercising xenops explaining experts.
Young yellow yaks yawn yearly yes you.
Zany zoo zebras zip zig zag zoom.