Creative Aerobics | Arpan Yagnik | TEDxPSUErie



Dr. Yagnik offers a radical new way to speed up the creative process through the technique of “creative aerobics.” This concept uses four mental exercises that develop elasticity between the left and the right brain — the analytical and creative sides — allowing them access to solutions outside their present problem-solving techniques.

‘Action inspired by creativity’ is Dr. Arpan Yagnik’s mantra. A creative and critical thinker, Dr. Yagnik is a natural teacher and therefore has been a positive influence on professionals and his students. He is a determined professor who believes nothing is out of reach for his students and inspires conversations that enables students to reach their goals. Dr. Yagnik is a native of Ahmedabad, India and currently resides in the United States. He is a recipient of numerous awards and accolades for his contributions in the academia, corporate sector, and community through his scholarship, teaching, consulting and involvement.

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