Alex Vigneault "Tabata Deadlift" & CrossFit Interview



Alex Vigneault does a “Tabata Deadlift” workout at 275 lbs.
Music: “Back in Black (Tabata Mix)” by Tabata Songs

Alex also takes some time to talk about his experience as a CrossFit Athlete

Tabata Songs:
Alex Vigneault: @VigneaultAlex (2x CrossFit Games Athlete)

Filmed at CrossFit Quebec City in QC, Canada.

Special thanks to all at CFQC for the help making this video possible.

“Back in Black (Tabata Mix) by Tabata Songs

Tabata Songs offers music that is created specifically for the TABATA Interval Training Protocol (4 Minutes|20 Seconds Work: 10 Seconds Rest). Each song coaches the listener through the 8 intervals of this 4-minute workout, prompting when to GO and when to REST, eliminating any need for timers, watches, or inaccurate time estimates.

With music genres ranging from Hip-Hop to Country to Electronica, Tabata Songs has something for everybody.

Each Tabata Songs track gives the listener 10 seconds of prep time, with the actual workout beginning at the 10 second mark, prompted by the first “3 2 1 GO!”

Put the music on your phone and take it with you anywhere, whether you are sprinting on a track, squatting in the gym, or curling rocks at the beach. Don’t limit yourself or your workout. Just press play, Let the music be your coach…
Tabata Songs can be found just about anywhere that music is sold: iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Mp3, Apple Music, Spotify, Rhapsody, etc. The list grows every day!

TABATA, which is arguably the most popular High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout of all-time, is a four minute workout consisting of eight intervals. Each interval lasts 20 seconds and is followed by 10 seconds of rest. Though any exercise movement can be used in Tabata interval training, a Tabata is only considered a “True Tabata” if the exercise is performed at an absolute maximum intensity for the entirety of the 8 intervals.

Over recent years, Tabata has gained vast popularity throughout the fitness industry. A household name across domains such as CrossFit, Spinning, Running, and Fitness Bootcamps around the world, this research-base protocol has been scientifically proven to bring results!

The Tabata Study- (View Full Research Brief at

In 1996 a researcher named Dr Izumi Tabata conducted a study at Ritsumeikan University in Japan that compared Short High-Intensity Anaerobic Workouts to Long Steady-State Aerobic Workouts. This study was the first of its kind, scientifically testing the benefits of intermittent anaerobic exercise, now known as High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) in contrast with traditional steady-state cardiovascular aerobic exercise. This research brief explains the findings of the study, originally published in the Journal of Medicine in Science in Sports and Exercise