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Cassandra (AKA. Cass) Martin is well known for her heavy lifting approach, and bodybuilder physique. With her partner as her very own personal trainer, she’s managed to build a name for herself with a huge following on social media.

With a healthy diet and a hard work ethic, Cass shows a continuous thirst for the fitness lifestyle. She’s won the hearts of millions of followers, along with inspiring women world-wide to build a powerful physique of their own.

Although Cass had always been naturally lean growing up, she wasn’t always a fitness enthusiast as a child. She also wasn’t the typical teenage girl; she was more interested in sports and hobbies more commonly associated with boys her own age.

After graduating from College, Cass began working as a full-time construction worker alongside her boyfriend.

Cass had always been aware of the fitness industry due to her partner’s keen interest in it. However, she only found the desire to sculpt her dream physique after seeing female bodybuilding icon, Jamie Eason, on the cover of a magazine.

This was the first time she’d seen a muscular female physique, and immediately, she became inspired to get lean, and gain muscle mass. At this point, Cass set her sights on building a figure similar to her fitness icon’s body – at the age of 23, she began training in the gym.

Through hard work, determination, and the help of her fitness-obsessed boyfriend, Cass made serious progress to her figure.

After venturing into the world of bodybuilding, it wasn’t long until Cass had become aware of the legends of the sport. She saw a video of Ronnie Coleman lifting weights and was inspired by the brute force of the Mr. Olympia legend.

Becoming fascinated by Ronnie’s strength and charisma – she knew that she wanted to increase her lifts. It was at this point, when Cass began training with heavier weights to achieve her new goal.

What we can learn from Cass Martin

Cass has taught us that to be feminine, you don’t have to stick to the stereotypes of ‘what is girly.’ She’s become a female fitness icon after building a strong, muscular physique.

You shouldn’t conform to what society regards as normal if you aren’t happy. Just be yourself, and everyone will appreciate your hard work.

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