Senior Fitness Gentle Workout – ideal for a leisurely gym or jogging session



A great exercise video with warmdowns throughout to give you a breather
Available to stream/download here :-

Full tracklisting plus BPMs

1 Bamboleo Workout Mix 128 bpm Pablo White
2 Copacabana Workout Mix 128 bpm Miguel Cook
3 Guantanamera Workout Mix 126 bpm Andrea Jiminez
4 La Isla Bonita Workout Mix 130 bpm Pablo White
5 Hot Hot Hot Workout Mix 120 bpm Miguel Cook
6 Macarena Workout Mix 103 bpm Miguel Cook
7 Mas Que Nada Workout Mix 100 bpm Andrea Jiminez
8 Oye Como Va Workout Mix 129 bpm DJ Soular
9 Rhythm is gonna get you Workout Mix 125 bpm Miguel Cook
10 Don’t Stop Believin Workout Mix 128 bpm Chandler FX
11 Legs Workout Mix 125 bpm Stephan Baker
12 Sharp Dressed Man Workout Mix 124 bpm Chandler FX
13 Sweet Home Alabama Workout Mix 100 bpm Stephan Baker
14 With or Without You Workout Mix 115 bpm Chandler FX
15 Moves Like Jagger Workout Mix 128 bpm Chandler FX
16 Shape of you Workout Mix 120 BPM Stephan Baker
17 Human Workout Mix 95 BPM Stephan Baker