The Only Way to STOP Craving Junk Food (diet / body / health – Q&A)



a huuuge thank you to my instagram squad for coming up with some great questions for me !! okay, david, hit me with the questions !

although you guys ask me a lot, i do try to stay away from talking about weight etc, because i don’t want to in any way make anyone feel uncomfortable. it’s tricky to talk about these things in a respectful way, but i’m doing my best 🙂

also, it goes without saying, but still : i’m not a doctor, and i don’t think i know what’s best for everyone. i am a bilogist however and have some basic knowledge on physiology etc. but, whenever you watch or read something about health online, please don’t take my word, or anyone else’s word, for it. do you own research ! and listen to your own body !!

these are just my opinions based on my own experiences and what i’ve read myself. this is meant as some light-hearted motivation, not as health advice from a professional obviously 😉

i talk about :
– social media gives us the wrong idea about diet !
– i learn something new about david ! hashtag shook !
– how to discipline yourself to go to the gym and work out !
– the british doctor that criticized me for being vegan !
– my teeth whitening process !!
– how i obtain most of my vitamins and minerals !
– stay away from quick-fix fad diets, for the love of god !
– my healthy snack ideas !
– looking good is great, but feeling good is most important !
– the only way to stop craving unhealthy food !?


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love // jenny

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