1 Hour India Yoga Healing Music for Meditation – Chakra Stress Relief Tunes – Spa Music (by TCO) Yoga Playlists



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00:00 Spiritual India
15:30 Healing Indian Song
30:15 Mantra Stress Killer
34:58 Tibetan Bells

Use it for Zen meditation, Yoga, Reiki, spa, sleep, massage, for arts creating and study in background. The Sanskrit word “mana” means “mind” and “trayah” — “liberation.” Thus, the mantra frees our mind from anxiety. It has cleansing effect and allows a person to rise from the material to the spiritual level. Mantras, or transcendental sounds, have great power. Mantras can free a person from anxiety and stress. Just by associating with this spiritual music we get great benefit. Mantra meditation and its transcendental sounds is the door to a state of consciousness of love, harmony and true happiness.

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