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More than one hour (67 minutes) of music for Hatha Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation.

Hatha Yoga is a system of yoga introduced by Yogi Swatmarama, a yogic sage in the 15th century in India. This particular system of yoga is the most popular one.

Yoga is part of man’s history and is one of the most ancient, fascinating ways to achieve true spiritual awareness and so draw closer to God. It makes man aware of his own body, being his own physical structure, as the yogi say, the living temple in which the divinity inside us all can be revealed to our conscience by practicing yoga and through meditation. That part of yoga which plays special attention to our body is known as Hatha Yoga and is the instrument which, through breathing, physical and meditation exercises, put us in contact with every aspect of our bodies. In the Far East, music is an important part of spiritual development and apart from its characteristically musical aspects it also performs a kind of acoustic massage, providing a cradle in which to meditate and relax. The aim of this music is to create a contact with the listener where, more than the notes produced, the important thing is the emotion which fills the sound.

1. Visible and Invisible 00:00
2. Cosmic Fragments 08:59
3. Rhythm of a Vision 18:44
4. Mantra 30:16
5. Purification 40:35
6. Voices 48:53
7. Sound of Anahata 56:35