Prenatal Kundalini Yoga with Myrah Penaloza Yoga Playlists



Bountiful Beautiful Meditation and Pre natal Kundalini Yoga Kriya with Myrah Penaloza. Although this video was made for Prenatal, this is an incredible meditation for anyone looking to expand into their bountiful, beautiful and blissful body.

Soften your emotional, glandular bodies to allow the natural process of giving birth take place with this Meditation.

As you go through your pregnancy you will hear allot about childhood preparation, one thing you can do to prepare for moving from maiden to mother is strengthen your physical and emotional body to prepare for birth. Kundalini Yoga is perfect for Pre-Natal Yogi’s, join Myrah Penaloza as she shares this Kundalini Yoga Kriya for balancing your glandular system, keeping your strong physically and mentally, balancing your brain, circulatory system and hormone system, to allow your spirit to rise. This meditation is a declaration that you are announcing to yourself to your baby, your creator and the world that you are the light of the soul, listen to yourself, speak softly, or loudly or in a whisper, however spirit moves you sitting in this meditation for 3-11 minutes. Challenge yourself to keep your arm up for the entire time.

Myrah Penaloza is wearing the Kundalini Gown which she has designed and it is available at

If you want to read an incredible book about Pregnancy, Yoga and Meditation look up Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful by Gurmukh from Golden Bridge Yoga.

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