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Meditation Relax Music Channel presents Relaxing Music for Stress Relief. Bamboo Flute Meditation Music may be used as Relaxation Music, Yoga Music, Sleep Music, Massage Music, Reiki Music, Spa Music. Relax your mind and body with this meditative Music Video. Use it for Zen Meditation, Mind Concentration , Balance and Study.Total Relax your Mind and Body with this calm meditative composition. Use it for Zen Meditation, Arts, Sound Healing, Stress Relief, Mind Balance or just a Daily Afterwork Relaxation.

Hello dear Subscribers and Guests of our Relax Meditation Channel! We wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and Hope you Celebrate Good All Your Seasons!

So, at the turn of the Year it is time to start a new life! And an Important basis for it will be your spiritual enlightenment. The foundation of your spiritual enlightenment will provide the clarity of your intentions. You must decide whether you want to be free. As soon as your intention for you to clear up, the mind will focus on it. When the mind is focused, there is the right decision will come. There will be a Direction. After the appearance of which you will lead by your heart. It will tell you what to leave and what to avoid in your Life.
Clarity of intent opens your heart. When the heart opens – it awakens the faith ,revives intuition. You will understand what it means to live in the unknown. You’ll realize what it means to be blind and see everything at the same time.
Search until you find completely. Only after finding what you are looking for, you can really stop the search. It is important not to stop until this moment. You need to continue it as long as you do not reach the total enlightenment. Do not allow yourself to stop until you reached the absolute end of your search.
Sometimes you may not have enough strength and support, and you will be disappointed. But the disappointment – this is only a part of your way. This is a sign that you are acting right now. Never give up!
Do it all with renewed energy and with new zeal, in spite of your past failures and bad expierience.
  Start all over again from scratch . Be innocent, not knowing anything – start as a beginner. And then you will get a new you. Spiritually enlightened yourself.

Have a Perfect Meditation and Relaxation!
Thanx For all your Amazing Support all This Time! See you in The Next Relaxing Year!

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